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Welcome To mtsfoods.

For two decades, we have empowered several hundred customers to scale their food processing businesses confidently and profitably. 

We take pride in playing an integral role in the success of leading snack and food brands across India. We add value to the most vital aspects of your food processing operation – from identifying the right solutions to ensuring your products meet exacting market requirements and helping you maintain consistency, the hallmark of a successful business.

Our cross functional team is powered by thinkers, problem solvers and listeners; diligently applying years of hard gleaned expertise and hunger for innovation then coming together as a team to combine synergies, delivering winning application solutions to customers.

Success is about choosing the right food processing machine

Freeing you to Focus More on Delivering The Best Products To Your Customers.

From sorting to peeling, cutting to conveying and for everything in between, we have tailor-made solutions to cater to every requirement of food processing businesses. Our application solutions meet all the requisite global and Indian safety and quality standards, ensuring easier & efficient operations for you, confident control over the entire production chain, complete customer satisfaction and naturally, increased profits.

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